Oliver Fish

Developer & Bug Bounty Hunter


Pocket URL is a tiny URL shorting service, I built PocketURL after watching an excellent talk from GopherCon 2017 Advanced Testing with Go by Mitchell Hashimoto from HashiCorp. Testing in Go wasn’t a new concept to me I was really inspired by how he explained the methods they used to test at HashiCorp, and helped re-enforce the concept of how writing good tests and testable code. I was so excited by what I had learned I really wanted to make sure it stuck and the best way to do that is to build, as I result pocket-URL was born....

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ExchangeScanner is a webapp which allows users to easily view new cryptocurrecy coins and markets that have been added to a specific exchange. The tool was born due to my desire to see the adoption rate of coins on as many of the big exchanges as possible. Once I had built the backend and understood the complexities of various problems, I found that no one else seemed to have access to this data....

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